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About Outdoor Pillows

Sitting outside on your patio should be comfortable and relaxing. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible if you lack the appropriate outdoor pillows. Remember, even the best outdoor chairs will fall short of comfort if you don't have the appropriate pillows.

Adding pillows to your outdoor furniture can help soften the outdoor space with comfort. Furthermore, it ties exterior and interior living spaces with similar patterns, color schemes, themes, or styles. We find that numerous people only focus on designing indoor rooms and neglect outdoor areas.

Yet, your porch, backyard, or patio is the ideal place to relax and unwind. It's a shame to waste your outdoor space, especially since you can use it in various ways. Here's what you need to know about outdoor pillows.

Decorating with Outdoor Pillows

Liven the Room with Color

We recommend bright colors, which will breathe life into an outdated or old patio or porch furniture cushions. Maintain a scheme that's in use indoors or choose a lively color found in your garden's flowering plants.

Go bold with colored pillows in sunny yellows, intense purples, or crisp corals. Consider browsing through your local gardening center or nursery to identify flowers in the colors you find appealing. Add the flowers to your garden and distribute pillows to match your outdoor space.


A few extra tiles that match with your outdoor pillows help complete your outdoor room's look. Lengthy, flowing drapes will dress up your space and help diminish the glare of the summer sun.

We also recommend a huge area rug, which anchors the conversation area while simultaneously defining the space as a room. A bright throw draped over the back or arm of a sofa or chair will also create an additional comfort layer, particularly in areas where night temperatures get a bit chilly.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Select outdoor pillows whose fabrics don't fade under direct sunlight and comprise mildew and water-resistant synthetic fibers. Ensure you read labels to locate materials that signify outdoor or outdoor-indoor use.

Blend it Up

A blend of patterns on cushions and pillows will give your outdoor room a stylish, designer look. For creativity, blend chevrons, zigzags, and stripes with circles, polka dots, or squares. You'll discover florals merge easily with paisleys, solids, or toile.

We recommend you maintain a balanced look by pairing simple with busy patterns by using a similar background color or one color's monochromatic shades. Consider one kind of pattern in a similar color, for instance, a white and blue floral print, in differing sizes of small, large, and medium.

How to Select Outdoor Pillows

Base it on Your Space's Use

The kind of pillow you select depends greatly on the kind of furniture you own and the way you use it. If you own a lounge set, then purchasing a considerable number of pillows to fill up space might be sensible.

If you prefer a small dining table, a small lumbar pillow for every chair will be enough to make sitting down more comfortable. If you have swing sets and hammocks, putting some pillows on the surface would certainly give it a cozier appearance.

Ensure the Material is Comfortable and Durable

Outdoor furniture is certainly vulnerable to weather elements, which explains why the fabric for outdoor pillows is different. Fortunately, there are a wide range of pillows from which to choose.

Consider a Classic Theme

People alter outdoor decorations less frequently than they do for their living rooms and bedrooms. Therefore, when choosing a theme, we propose you select one, which you won't grow tired of looking at. Keep your pillows simple but stylish and ensure that the theme you end up selecting is something you love and personally prefer.

How to Choose Outdoor Pillows


You want your outdoor space to match your personality, sense of style, and your prerequisites. Therefore, concentrating on what's trending may involve buying furniture that you'll get tired of in a couple of months or furniture that doesn't fit your idea.

Your Surroundings

Your settings must work as a guide to help you choose furniture that matches your space. For instance, if you own a small garden, explore clean, lean silhouettes that will fit into your space.


It is important you choose designs that you can easily revamp to suit your mood, event, or season. Changing your pillowcases and cushions is an excellent way of changing your outdoor space in a short time.

Avoid these Mistakes When Decorating with Outdoor Pillows

Not matching colors with foliage

Outdoor pillows are an excellent addition to any patio or porch. They're easy to store and light, enabling you to change your color scheme easily. Consider the colors that nature offers your outdoor space and the manner in which they change with seasons.

Patterns that clash with furniture geometry

Novice designers frequently become preoccupied with matching the furniture and outdoor pillows while overlooking other significant details. It's important you bear in mind how your furniture's patterns flow with the outdoor pillows.

Not having emergency backup pillows

Outdoor pillows typically remain outside most of the time whether it's rainy or sunny. However, even the best pillows require time to dry in the event that it rains. You need backup pillows; this gives you the chance to experiment with multiple patterns and colors.

Having an outdoor space is an excellent substitute for including a new room. However, the process of transitioning to outdoor living involves a careful resource allocation. Besides functionality, it's also important to consider how to make your outdoor space comfortable and the use of outdoor pillows is one way of doing so. If you're new to outdoor pillows, consider these tips.

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