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What is included in the MIW Online: My Story solution?

Customers Receive:

  • Access to the MIW Online My Story Dashboard, which is broken into chapters that walk users through their life stages.
  • Access to our Memory Prompting Videos and questions that are designed to help users recollect memories and share their stories.
  • The option to Record a Story (Video or Audio)
  • The option to Share a Written Story
  • The option to add a photo and caption
  • A Digital Story Book, that is updated and sent to the client monthly. Video and Audio Recordings are included in the digital book and transcribed for printed copies.

After your payment is processed you will be prompted to set-up your access code.

Does the MIW Online: My Story solution allow me to select and complete chapters in any order that I desire?

Yes, You have access to all of the chapters. You can answer them in the order provided or answer in any order that you desire.

What is the cost to have my MIW Online: Digital Story Book transformed into a printed softbound or hardbound book?


How frequently do you update the Digital Story book? Is there a page limit?

Digital Story Books are updated Monthly - updates are visible 7 business days into the next Month. (Example, stories submitted in March will be available for viewing on 7th. business day in April). Recordings are also transcribed.

There is no page limit - Digital Story Books do not have a page count limit; we may recommend creating different editions based on the file size or content.

Will you fix spelling errors or typos and format my Digital Story Book?

  • We perform a light edit and will correct obvious issues. You can request a deep edit by paying an additional monthly fee of $500.00 (up to 150 pages) during the development of your project or when it is complete.

  • Story Books are formatted to be aesthetically appealing (example: photos will be inserted and sized accordingly) there is no additional charge for this service.

How does the Concierge Service work?

Concierge Service subscribers select the day and time that they would like a MIW Representative to contact them weekly. They will receive a call on that day and time and their assigned representative will conduct a brief interview. Interviews are engaging and the interviewers are trained to ensure that at no time the client feels rushed.

Stories are entered into the MIW Online dashboard and incorporated into the Monthly Digital Story book. If the Video Interview option is selected, the Clients Story is recorded and incorporated into their Digital Story Book.

What happens if I miss my weekly concierge call?

Your assigned representative will call you on your selected alternative day and time; if that is also unsuccessful, you will be asked the previous memory prompting questions during your next appointment.

What is your cancellation policy

You can cancel your plan at any time. A final copy of your Digital Story Book will be made available. No refunds are issued.


What is the difference between workbooks and can I look inside?

Both books have a plastic spiral binding and contain Memory Prompting questions that are designed assist the user with telling their Life Story. The Captured Memories Workbook: Full Edition is 6x9 in size, 216 pages and contains over 200 Memory Prompting Questions with Space to write. ( click here to see an example of the interior) The Captured Memories Workbook: Abridged Edition is 5.5" x 8.5" in size, 72 pages and contains ~100 Memory Prompting Questions with Space to write. ( click here to see an example of the interior)

How long does it take to get my workbook after I place an order?

Workbooks are shipped the next business day after the order is received; it normally takes 3 - 5 days for customers to receive their books after we ship. We currently only ship to customers located in the United States.

You can have your Captured Memories Workbook transformed into a printed softbound or hardbound book.


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