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Pillows and Fibers delivers comfort with an emphasis on hygiene.  We offer a full line of bed pillows including Disposable and Reusable for: Hospitals, Elderly Care homes, Rehabilitation centers, Assisted Living facilities, etc.

Why Choose Us?

High-end Fabric

In line with Industry Standards

Quality Filling for Comfort

Rapid Turn-around



We offer two different lines of fabric.


Medi+:  We offer a Herculite Sure-Chek ® brand shell consisting of wipeable vinyl ticking with microscopic air vents provide air displacement for added comfort.

Medi: Nonwoven (spun bonded polypropylene) synthetic fabric used for lightweight applications.  Inherently mold and mildew resistant.


We fill each of our inserts with a  virgin conjugate fiber made from two different polymers by spinning and joining them simultaneously.  The result is a soft, light, hollow slick polyester that is crimped for extra resiliency. Keeping clients comfortable in their time of need.


Medi+ Inserts 
Medi Inserts 

18” x 24” A reusable pillow made with Sure-Chek ® brand healthcare fabric filled with polyester fiber.  Available in 3 colors:  White, Blue, and Green.  Wipeable vinyl ticking that offers comfort and function.  Microscopic air vents provide air displacement for added comfort.

 A single-use nonwoven outer cover stuffed with polyester fiber.  Nonwashable.

*Can be customized if needed*

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