Fiber Fillings

Deluxe Fiber

Recycled polyester fill is produced from post consumer waste, which would otherwise go to our landfills.

The fiber is made from PET (polyethylene terephthalate) chips or flakes, some which come from recycled plastic containers.

The Deluxe fiber has a firm and resilient feel.

It is our most economical polyester fill.

Premium Fiber

A virgin conjugate fiber made from two different polymers by spinning and joining them simultaneously.

The result is a soft, light, hollow slick polyester that is crimped for extra resiliency.

Ultimate Fiber

Microdenier or Gel polyester fiber is thinner and stronger than silk.

The heart of our Ultimate pillow!

Ultra soft, no resiliency; made to emulate the feel of a 10/90 down/feather.


Feather Blends

10/90 Down/Feather Blend

10% down 90% feather. A favorite for upscale designers. The natural alternative.

30/70 Down/Feather Blend

30% down 70% feather. The additional down makes a luxurious difference.

50/50 Down/Feather Blend

50% down 50% feather. The additional comfort of down makes this blend decidedly lavish.

100% Down

The ultimate feel of extravagance. For those who enjoy indulgence.

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