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Meet the Pillow People

T. 305-884-8300          

Founder & President
Miguel Nasco

Miguel has been working in the trade since the mid 1990’s.  Through all this time, he has worked in just about all aspects of the business leading to wholesale pillow inserts.  From product development and market penetration to sales and customer retention.  Our own personal jack-of-all-trades.


On a personal note… an avid dog lover and a dad to Meagan and Sophia.  Enjoys the challenges every day brings.

Gatekeeper of the company’s finances and responsible for reporting them.  Communicates goals and keeps us on budget.  The ultimate YES or NO in decision making.


Enjoys being involved in her daughter’s love for cheerleading.  Ultimate cheer mom.  Shout out to United Rock Nation and St. Brenden High School.  Relishes in conceiving new ideas.

T. 305-884-8300          

Co-Founder & CFO
Alina Nasco

Jennifer "Miami" Falcon

Vice President

The true right hand of the company.   She is incredibly smart and dedicated.  She leads all aspects of production from cutting and sewing to filling and packaging.  Her motto:  Just make the sale, I’ll worry about the rest. 


The matriarch of her family.  She also enjoys foreign language soap operas.  Who knew she understands Korean and Thai.


Blanca Cejas 

Production Manager

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