We offer the most luxurious envelope cushions for your seats & backs to go with your wholesale pillows inserts.

Our envelopes are made to order & perfect for the longevity and comfort that your customers need to make them feel at ease!


Fully self contained down & feather filled envelope cushions. Sewn-in baffles keep this envelope soft and plump. These custom cushions are made to order with your choice of fabric,  feather mix, fiber, & foam.

All  envelope cushions come with zippers at no additional charge.

Envelope Contents


Foam is the core of all envelopes. It is the backbone of keeping the envelope cushion's form. It comes in 3 varieties of support. - Soft - Medium - Firm High-density foam: we only use a higher quality support for your envelope cushion.


Down/feather cushions are ideal for people who want a luxurious feel to their furniture.

The down/feather provides the layer of comfort to the foam. Usually placed where the body has contact with the cushion. It can be placed on the top & bottom of the cushion, making the cushion reversable, as well as the banding.


  • 10/90 down/feather blend delivers the best support for seat cushions. The additional feathers provide the cushion with the body it needs for its longevity. This is the most common and economical option in the industry.
  • 30/70 & 50/50 down/feather blends have greater amount of down clusters making it ideal for back cushions. The increased down clusters creates greater pockets of air making the cushions lighter and more plush.
  • 100% Down although we stock this product we do not recommend this option. In our opinion, it serves no function other than driving up costs in this application.

Cushions are wrapped in Down proof ticking to prevent feathers from slipping out.

*Not for outdoor*


Fiber filled envelopes are a good choice for cushion buyers on a budget. It's inexpensive and available in all our fibers.

  • Premium Fiber is smooth, durable and bouncy.
  • Ultimate Fiber mimics the look and feel of down. This is an alternative for people who have feather allergies.

Cushions are wrapped in down proof ticking for its higher thread count & feel.

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