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A Quick Guide to Choosing Pillows for your New Home

You’ve purchased a new home and you’re trying to make sure that you have all of the right decorations and furnishings up. This is a pretty tough and monumental task, but we would like you to put the rest on hold for a moment while you think about pillows. Let’s face it, without pillows your home would be bare and it would even be lacking personality. By adding the right pillows to the right spaces you are doing yourself a huge favor.

The Benefits of Pillows in your Home

Ultimately there are a lot of different benefits to adding pillows to your home which we are going to detail below:

Sleeping – Some of the best pillows are used for sleeping and the right ones can really improve your quality of life. From memory foam all the way to down, you have lots of choices, some of which are obviously more affordable than others.

Lounging – Not all pillows are meant for sleeping; there are quite a few that can simply be used for lounging around the house, on the patio, or even outside. Body pillows are a great example, and when you are seeking a lounging pillow, you should look for something just as good as what you would use on your own bed.

Decoration – It’s okay if your pillow isn’t meant to be used, per say. There are quite a few pillows out there that are designed specifically for use as decoration. For example, you have quite a few that feature floral designs or even decorative fringes that do a great job of adding to the aesthetic of your room.

Choosing a Sleeping Pillow

When you are in the process of choosing a pillow for sleeping you have quite a few questions that need to be answered. First of all, is it an at-home pillow or is it going to be a travel pillow? Travel pillows are smaller and sometimes less expensive while a pillow for your bedroom is not meant to be moved much. The next thing that you will need to determine is the type of pillow you want for your bedroom and there are a few choices which include:

Fiber – The fiber pillow is the most commonly chosen, and with good reason. It tends to be popular due to being inexpensive, and of course being easy to take care of. The downside is that fiber pillows are not as comfortable and may not last quite as long as other pillow options.

Down Pillows – Down pillows are made from feathers, usually either goose or duck. They are much more comfortable and their firmness will depend heavily upon the amount of fill power that is being utilized. More feathers mean more fill power and greater firmness, so keep that in mind when you are shopping. One of the downfalls of a down pillow is that it is more difficult to keep clean and those who suffer from allergies will find it to be more problematic than beneficial.

Memory Foam Pillows – When it comes to comfort this is the top choice. Memory foam was originally developed for NASA and is capable of taking on the form of its user. Activated by heat, the top layer conforms to your head and creates a surface designed especially for you.

Choosing a Lounging Pillow

The search for perfect lounging pillows is never ending. Much like decorative pillows that need to look great but they also need to be quite comfortable. Body pillows, for example, are often favored because they can conform to the shape of your body and make for a perfect, and highly comfortable experience. There are plenty of other great examples, most of which are of the fiber variety so make sure you have a look at your options and choose lounging pillows that suit you and your home best.

Choosing Decorative Pillows

More often than not you will hear decorative pillows referred to as ‘throw pillows’, and they are typically placed on your couch, on chairs, or even in guest bedrooms. They add a perfect splash of color to your room and they fill up space where needed. When you are choosing decorative pillows, we strongly recommend that you find something that matches your current décor in color, design, or both if you can pull it off. There are quite a few great options for pillows out there, and before you know it, you will have a great collection that reflects your taste and design sense.

Having pillows in your home will help to fill space, bring color, and most importantly, make you far more comfortable. As we have pointed out, however, you will need to spend some time taking a look at the different types and most importantly, matching them to your décor. Even your typical sleeping pillows can help to add that special something to your home. Start looking at the different options today and make sure that the pillows you add can make you happy for many years to come whether you are building a new home or simply redecorating yours.

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