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The Benefits of a Feather Pillow Insert and How It Compares to Down

When choosing an insert for your pillow you have quite a bit of work ahead of you – this isn’t an easy decision as your comfort depends on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s for your bedroom or an accent piece for your couch, you need to pay close attention to the pros and cons of the different types, and most importantly, choose one that is going to last for several years. Today we’re going to be talking about the benefits of feather inserts which are widely preferred by both interior designers and decorators. That said, they should also be preferred by you.

Feather Pillow Inserts – What’s the Deal?

When it comes to luxury, feather inserts are where you want to be. First of all, they’re more pliable than their synthetic fiber counterparts. Additionally, if you are arranging your new décor you are going to find that down inserts are much better if you are using a silk pillowcase. Finally, with these pillows you will be able to give them virtually any shape you want, including that ‘cat’s ears’ shape that you see in so many designer homes or even home décor magazines. Try doing that with a polyfill insert, we bet you can’t!

Something to Note About Feather Pillows

Some might say that one of the disadvantages of feather pillows is the way that they compress – it’s something that down and feather pillows simply don’t do. When you sit against them, or lay your head on them, they compress and with that being the case they do need to be regularly fluffed. For this reason there are some people who prefer to combine the different insert types, for example, they could put a polyfill inserts at the back and layer feather inserts toward the front. This gives a more luxurious feel and is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

What is Down and How Does it Differ from Feather?

Down and feather both have their similarities, for example, they are both byproducts of the poultry trade and their availability depends heavily upon the availability of the birds themselves. There is, however, a significant difference between the two types of material in question. Feathers are self-explanatory, but down is the bottommost part of the bird’s feather. It is harvested and used as a luxury commodity, holding much more clout than either feather or synthetic alternatives. If you’re looking for a reason to invest in a down pillow, consider that down is extremely soft and is able to hold its loft a full three times longer than the synthetic alternatives.

If you are searching for a down pillow consider the following: it should contain down only, no feathers will be present within the insert. There are many retailers and sellers that tend to advertise their down pillows as pure specimens when it is in fact mixed with feathers. The reasons for this are simple: feathers are simply a more economical way to add volume to a pillow. The downside? You’ll end up with feathers poking through the pillow at rather inopportune times. The benefit of down is that it gives you the luxury of feathers without the inconvenience of the random poking. We’re not saying that this is a deal breaker when it comes to buying a feather pillow, but we are saying that it is something important to consider.

What Down and Feather Have in Common

Despite coming from the same source, you can obviously see that down and feather tend to have their differences. Now, however, we’re going to talk about some of the similarities that you can expect.

Compression – Both down and feather have significant issues with compression, as you will quickly discover. Over time, compression will crush the natural fibers, which means it is crucial for you to fluff your pillows and run them through the washing machine on a regular basis.

Issues with Moisture –Down and feather are both going to have their fair share of issues with moisture whether it’s from humidity or improper drying after washing. Either way, these can easily become the mortal enemy of any down or feather pillow.

Oil Seepage – When you think of factors that can affect your pillow, oil probably doesn’t come to mind but it’s a very real and very present problem. Oil can easily seep from your hair, your skin, and any other source. You would be surprised at what your pillow can absorb while you are asleep! Protecting your pillow from this is crucial if you want it to last!

These are all potential hazards that either a down or feather pillow will face, and if you want more information, check out our blog which is all about properly caring for your pillows.

Both down and feather pillows have plenty of benefits and the next time you’re thinking of adding a new pillow to your bed, couch, or chair, consider one of these two natural fillings! While they might be a bit more expensive than synthetic, they last longer, they’re more comfortable and they look great. Check out our store and browse our amazing selection of pillows – you’ll like what you see!

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