• Square Deluxe

    Square Deluxe

    Square craft pillow insert with a nonwoven outer shell and recycled polyester fill. It is our most popular and economical line of pi

  • Square Premium

    Square Premium

    Square pillow insert constructed of a woven outer cover and filled with a soft conjugate polyester fill. An excellent step up from a

  • Square Ultimate

    Square Ultimate

    Square pillow insert made with a woven outer shell and filled with a microdenier polyester fill. V-chop, Karate chop pillow insert .<

  • Square 10/90 Feather

    Square 10/90 Feather

    Square pillow insert manufactured with a white downproof ticking shell and filled with 10/90 down/feather blend. A popular down/fea

  • Square 30/70 Feather

    Square 30/70 Feather

    Square pillow crafted in white downproof ticking with the lushness of 30/70 down/feather fill.

  • Square 50/50 Feather

    Square 50/50 Feather

    Square pillow insert created in white downproof ticking shell filled with the lushness of 50/50 down/feather blend.

  • Square 100% Down

    Square 100% Down

    Square pillow insert fashioned in white downproof ticking shell with the lushness of 100% down fill.


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